Creative tourism

From Tokyo to Guatemala, Paris to Ibiza, individuals, businesses and institutions are signing up to transform their business.

An international network, Creative Tourism Network, is flying the flag for the Creative Tourism trend and Ibiza is part of it.

Creative Tourism Network® was created in 2010 in Barcelona, as part of the first International Conference on Tourism. It is now a worldwide benchmark platform for those destinations and initiatives that have opted for this new kind of tourism, as well for experts, tourism industry professionals and travellers.

Ibiza Creativa is a member of the Creative Tourism Network®.

Ibiza Creativa

Ibiza Creativa is driven forward by the Consell d’Eivissa (Council of Ibiza) and the island’s five councils.

We were founded in the month of October 2016 with one aim: to develop and push Creative Tourism on the island of Ibiza and bring together the projects that are already underway.

We believe that it’s our people (entrepreneurs, craftspeople, small local business people, etc) who bring life to our intangible heritage.

They are your real hosts: the ones who shake your hand when you arrive on the island and who bridge the gaps allowing you to discover our culture, idiosyncrasies, customs and skills. It’s thanks to their projects that you can discover our island and all its creative potential up close.