Ibiza Creativa’s role in the Creative Tourism Network

Today we’d like to talk about the Creative Tourism Network, the international Creative Tourism network to which we belong.

In Barcelona in 2005, the Turismo Creativo platform was created. It was the first of its kind worldwide and invited tourists to experience direct and first-hand contact with residents of the destinations they visit, sharing with them experiences, training in different areas, and, ultimately, discovering their culture.

Thanks to this, in 2010, the first International Creative Tourism Conference took place at which Greg Richards, co-inventor of the creative tourism concept, participated, leading to the International Creative Tourism Network platform.

Eight years later it has become a reference platform for international Creative Tourism and Ibiza is part of it.

“Ibiza, a geyser of creativity” is how the island was described at the Creative Tourism Network after the first Presentation Forum held on the island in 2017.

If there is one island in the Mediterranean that could be called a melting pot of international cultures, then it’s undoubtedly the island of Ibiza.

Its 572 km2 are home to worlds for you to discover, which is exactly why its creative potential is multiplied in comparison to big international cities. Ibiza has always been and is still home to great artists.

The Bloob Festival, Jazz Festival and Medieval Fair are just a few of the events that have already become real international reference points for experiential and different tourism, in addition to the many activities and encounters with the traditions and ancient customs of the island.


In addition to the setting, culture and annual events we can now add experiential projects curated by different members of Ibiza Creativa: courses on crafts, fashion, DJing, workshops on circus, photography, traditional cooking, popular liqueurs and workshops for kids too…


Ibiza Creativa opens a wide range of possibilities to travellers who wish to get to know the island through the people who inhabit it and make it real, authentic and unique.