Treasure Hunt Ibiza

Clues that take you to the most emblematic spots


Find a piece of treasure, arrive at a monument, an emblematic place or a beautiful beach...

Themed trips steeped in history: Dalt Vila in the middle ages, the past life of a fisherman, the sufferings of the pirates, a couple’s love story, etc...

Immerse yourself in a story unfolding between fantasy and reality. Follow in the steps of a character and their clues and footprints.

The treasure hunt will take on a journey to discover nooks in Ibiza and stories about it in a fun and out of the ordinary way. Team work will help you move quicker and as a group you’ll enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Discovering the island means solving brainteasers, puzzles and looking for streets and clues. Arriving at unexpected places and feeling that satisfaction every time you get a clue right. Because there’s no treasure quite like one’s own journey.

These original treasure hunts can be done on foot, by bicycle, car or even kayak!

Choose any of the routes from the island’s different points of interest.

In the old town of Ibiza, you’ll receive a message from a woman from medieval times instructing that you grant her last wish.

In Sant Antoni, you’ll find out what lies beyond its sunset.

In Santa Eulària, a pirate will show you why he decided to stay in the town.

And there’s a idyllic beach to the west of the island where you’ll see a fisherman’s hideaway.

At the meeting point, you’ll receive your first clue to kick off the adventure, then you’ll pass by beautiful locations and receive information about the place. It lasts between 1.5 and 3 hours, depending on how quick the group goes. It’s all about enjoying the ride, so feel free to rest, take photos or have a drink.

You do not need to be at peak fitness level to do these trails, but you should possess an adventurous spirit: thinking, researching, making mistakes and trusting others are part of the game.

The prize isn’t just the treasure at the end; it’s also the adventure and the journey itself.

Meet other travellers or share your adventure with your friends and family.

Treasure Hunt Ibiza

Phone Number
(+34) 691 642 218


Treasure Hunt Ibiza was founded with one aim: to turn experiences into treasured memories.

“Having fun, opening your mind to seeing things differently and meeting people from all over the world make this experience a real treasure.”

Eva Simonetti

Originally from Austria but based in Ibiza for the last 10 years, Eva wants to share what she has learned about the island. Things that you don’t quite see at first glance and curios that can’t be found in guidebooks. As a passionate traveller, she really cares about conveying the true essence of the island and inviting people to discover that “magic” we so often hear about.

1.5 to 3 hours
Spanish, English, German, French or Italian
From June 2018, 4 events per week: two afternoons in Ibiza Town, one afternoon in Sant Antoni and one afternoon in Santa Eulària.
Public event at 7pm, open schedule for groups
€15 per adult / €10 per child.
Cash or bank transfer
A briefing, trails with clues and information about the places, a drink and a snack.