Jewellery workshop

Learn to make silver, bronze or copper jewellery.


The workshop involves making a ring, bracelet or any accessory you like using copper, bronze, nickel silver or silver. The work is carried out with the specific tools used by artisan jewellers. In this workshop we will learn openwork, soldering, polishing, embossing metal and textured finish techniques.

Handmade jewellery is deeply rooted in the immemorial tension between people and the elements. Our need to create beautiful decorative pieces or items with a special meaning have led us to experiment with different metals and materials and develop endless techniques for moulding, engraving and polishing.

The oldest gold jewel ever found is over 6,000 years old. Current jewellery emerges from those archaic pieces: from the same love for beauty.

The jeweller must master the elements he works with, know the materials and use the tools accurately. This is the only way to reproduce the envisaged design.

Centro Artesanal Sa Pedrera

Calle de Sa Pedrera, sn

Phone Number
(+34) 606 173 604

The Centro Artesanal Sa Pedrera is a craft and culture centre located by the wall in the district of Sa Penya. Every Friday from June to October it hosts ten craftspeople from the Es Juvert Association who come to this multipurpose centre to develop and exhibit their pieces of jewellery, leatherwork, paintings, enamelwork, etc. You can visit this centre on Fridays from 11am to 5pm. Check availability for other days throughout the year. For group activities, please contact the Virtual Office. *If you would like to participate in one of our workshops you must book in advance.

Sebastián Franco

An artisan jeweller, Sebastián was born in Gualeguay (Entre Ríos province, Argentina). His early work using wood develops a tracing technique, which he incorporates into his pieces of jewellery, thereby achieving authentic works of art. Added to other techniques taking place in natural surroundings, this artist develops a way of expressing the energy of nature and cultures through his designs, thus establishing CIENFUEGOS.

2 hours
Up to 5 people
Spanish - English (basic)
All year round
€50 individual Groups: please enquire within
Cash or bank transfer (50% on booking and 50% prior to the activity)
The metal and material required to make the jewellery.