Farmhouse bread workshop

Discover a traditional working eco-farm in Ibiza.


Become a farmer for the day. Make and bake traditional homemade bread from the island of Ibiza.

Come and make 100% ecological farmhouse bread using our traditional Ibizan recipe.

We teach you how to make authentic farmhouse bread with top quality, 100% ecological ingredients.

First, we light the wood-fired stone oven and keep the heat on until the desired temperature is reached.

While the oven is warming up, we start to make the dough by adding the necessary ingredients, we mix them together and knead the mixture. When the dough has reached the correct consistency, we shape it. At this point, we use the starter dough made the previous day as it needs to prove overnight.

When the oven reaches the desired temperature, we move the coals to one side and put the bread in. When it is ready, you can take it home to enjoy the unique and delicious flavour.

Finca Ecológica Can Musón

Polígono 16 nº98, Santa Eulària es Riu

Phone Number
(+34) 699 054 446

Our organic fruit and vegetables grow and our locally bred animals run free over our 65,000m2 estate and eco-farm. At Can Musón we are committed to nature and the traditions of the farming world, green living and the best for our island. You can visit Can Musón from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm.

María Marí Colomar

One day she turned her life around when she left her job as an ad-lib fashion designer and went back to her roots to continue the work her family had always done. María uses her project to make our island a little more eco-friendly and healthy, and conserve its native roots. She put all her energy and enthusiasm into driving this project forward so that we could all enjoy such an authentic place. Children are her real inspiration, which is why Can Musón has a special area dedicated exclusively to them, where they can feel free and safe.

2.5 hours approx.
8 to 16 participants
Spanish or English
All year round
9am to 2pm
20 Euros
Cash, card or bank transfer
The workshop and all the ingredients required.